Cement Plaster

LANDERCOLL and ACCURATE products  are used to improve the workability, adhesion, flexibility and surface resistance of such renders. Additional properties like hydrophobicity, thixotropicity as well as reduced efflorescence can also be achieved by the use of our specialty additives.

Typical applications 

∙ Interior and exterior base coat renders                                           

∙ Interior and exterior finishing renders and skim coats


∙ Improved adhesion to various substrates ∙

∙ Increased water repellency and hydrophobicity

∙ Improved water retention, consistency and stability

∙ Reduced primary and secondary efflorescence


  Products   Viscosity by Brookfiled 2%   Specification Data
  HPMC Landercoll K75   35,000-40,000 mPa.s   Read More
  HPMC Landercoll K100   45,000-60,000 mPa.s   Read More
  HEMC Landercoll EM80   35,000-45,000 mPa.s   Read More
  HEMC Landercoll EM100   45,000-60,000 mPa.s   Read More
  Products   Polymer Type   Specification Data
  RDP Accurate 4025N   VAE   Read More
  RDP Accurate 5011N   VAE   Read More
  RDP Accurate 5045N   VAE   Read More
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