Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), also known as External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), is a multi-layered cladding system that provides insulation and waterproof surface for exterior walls to improve the insulation effect of buildings. EIFS is composed of a heat insulation board as the primary material made of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool. It also contains an adhesive for bonding the insulating board to the substrate. It is then covered with a cement base coat with woven glass fiber reinforcement and a textured colored finish coat.

LANDERCOLL products can effectively improve the water retention,open time,sag resistance,workability of the ETIS/ETICS mortars.


∙ Increased adhesion,flexibility and impact resistance     

∙ Increased cohesion

∙ Increased surface abrasion resistance

∙ Avoids crack formation

∙ Increased long-term performance

Typical applications  

∙ Adhesive mortars

∙ Base coat

∙ Top coat


  Products   Viscosity by Brookfiled 2%   Specification Data
   HPMC Landercoll K150  140,000-160,000 mPa.s   Read More
  Products   Polymer Type   Specification Data
  RDP Accurate 4012N   VAE   Read More
  RDP Accurate 4025N   VAE   Read More
  RDP Accurate 5011N   VAE   Read More
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