Wall Putty/Skim Coat

LANDERCOLL and ACCURATE  products are widely used in  cement and gypsumbased skim coat, and can improve the application properties of formulations.


∙ Enhanced flexibility

∙ Good workability

∙ Excellent bonding

∙ Improved water retention

Typical applications  

∙ Interior and exterior applications

∙ All types of substrates: concrete, rendered surfaces, cement fiber board, AAC/ALC blocks, decorative mortar.


  Products   Viscosity by Brookfiled 2%   Specification Data
  HPMC Landercoll K75   35,000-40,000 mPa.s   Read More
  HPMC Landercoll K100   45,000-60,000 mPa.s   Read More
  HEMC Landercoll EM80   35,000-45,000 mPa.s   Read More
  HEMC Landercoll EM100   45,000-60,000 mPa.s   Read More
  Products   Polymer Type   Specification Data
  RDP Accurate 4025N   VAE   Read More
  RDP Accurate 5011N   VAE   Read More
  RDP Accurate 5045N   VAE   Read More
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