Application Tests

Application Tests

Tile adhesive anti -slip test

Anti-slip is an important properties and functions of HPMC in tile adhesive,  it can prevent

slipping problem between mortar and the base material in construction project as a result

of its thickening effect. Landu HPMC grade K200 (see last photo L) have good anti-slip 

performance in ceramic tile adhesiveapplication compareed with similar product in market.


Water retention test

 Cellulose ether in cement mortar and gypsum based slurry mainly plays the role of water retention and thickening, it can improve the adhesion and anti-sag of  slurry effectively. The water retention of methyl cellulose ether at high temperature is an important index to distinguish the quality of methyl cellulose ether.

Here are two commonly used methods of water retention test:

      1. Mortar surface drying time method

       2. Filter paper weighing method

The test (as photo shows) takes the second method, compared with similar products in the market, Landu cellulose ether (see photo L) shows better water retention property.           


HPMC transparency test                                       



Cellulose ether as a kind of thickening agent for detergent products plays a significant role, it is important to understand the properites of the thickener

being used, hydroxypropyl ethyl cellulose (HEC) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) both of them can be additive for detergent products like  hand sanitizer, shampoo,laundry, liquid dish detergent ,shower gel etc, but the former are insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, HPMC is commonly used in alcohol solutions of 62%-70%. Transparency of cellulose ether is an important test indicators,Landu detergent grade HPMC K200D is speciallydeveloped for daily use products.


 Viscosity test                                    

  Different hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose manufacturers use different methods and  instruments to test the viscosity of HPMC. generally speaking, here are four methods to test it:Hoppler, Brookfield and NDJ, for the same product,the viscosity has big difference by different test method, therefore, it must be carried out between the same test method when comparing the viscosity for the same product.

Landu provide wide range of viscosity grades of cellulose ether products (from 300 to  80,000 mPa • s), which can meet the needs of different dry-mix applications including thin- set mortar, wall putty, masonry mortar, self leveling compounds, render , thermal insulation surface etc.                                                                                                         


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