Tech supports

Tech supports

As one of the best suppliers of cellulose ether in china, Landu have a strong technical organization with the capabilities to maximize the benefits of cellulose ethers in your application. we provide technical assistance to our customers in products analysis, formulation optimization etc.

1. Reference formulation

• Wall putty

• Tile adhesive

• Joint filler

• Gypsum plaster

 Click here for the complete recipe


2. Technical support team

Equipped with technical expertise and background, Landu

technical support staff are ready to assist customers with

fist-class service, they have many decades of experience in

the area of formulation research and developent, products

test etc and can help customers to develope and optimising

the appropriate products.


Ask For Technical Support

    • +86 531 6995 9221
    • 19,Lishan north road,Jinan,Shandong,China
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