Redispersible Powder (RDP)

Properties and specifications 
Chemical Name  VAE Redispersible Polymer Powder
Appearance   White or off-white powder
Moisture content  ≤6 %
Ash content      10~14%
Density (g/l) 400-600
pH value  6-8
Particle size    99% pass 80 mesh
Min Film-forming Temperature 4℃


• Tile adhesive

• Tile grout

• Wall putty

• Base coat for EIFS

• Bonding mortar for EIFS

Typical Properties

√ Dissolves in water easily and forms emulsion quickly

√ Increase the adhesion to all kinds of substrates

√ Improve the sag resistance, workability, and anti-permeability for the materials

Packaging, storage and  safety instructions  

This ACCURATE is supplied in 25kgs multilayer paper bags with polyethylene intermediate layer and/or in big  bags. One 20’FCL can load 12MT with pallet, 14MT without pallet, and one 40’FCL can load 24MT with pallet, 26MT without pallet. When kept in clean, dry conditions in its original  packing, ACCURATE can be stored for a long time. During  storage a slow loss of viscosity can be measured.  ACCURATE absorbs water from moist air. Once opened,container must be resealed and kept tightly closed. Like all fine particle organic substances, redispersible powders constitute a dust explosion hazard. Dust  formation and deposits must be kept to a minimum so  that no ignitable dust/air mixtures can form. Ignition  sources such as naked flames,hot surfaces, sparks  and static electricity should be avoided.


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