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  • Is your production process environmentally friendly?
    Yes. Our plants are equipped with all the mandatory government permissions or certificates. Well-designed plants and correct installation ensure safe production. Invested US$1.5 million to introduce the MVR wastewater and waster gas treatment process, so that the production of zero discharge of wastes and ISO14000 passed.
  • How do you achieve quality control?
     Quality means uniform, stable and consistent. We make it as below, 1) The advanced gas and solid phase integral equipment reaction technology & DCS full automatic production line, so the quality of different batches are consistent. 2) Our quality confidence comes from the state-in-art equipment, the advanced test instrument, and the professional engineers, under strictly executive of international standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001, before each batch delivery at the heart of everything.  
  • How can I visit your company and production facilities to make face to face meetings?
    Welcome to China! Please just contact with our sales representatives for a suitable time arrangement. Then, we can help you to get your visa and hotel bookings. Also, you can contact with our sales representatives in famous exhibitions and meetings conducted in every year such as; China Coat, Middle East Coating Show, Asia Pacific Coating Show, European Coating Show, American Coating Show, Abrafati etc. You can follow our attendance details in these events in our web-site.
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