An ideal formulation for easy workability and reduce formation of cracks by shrinkage

Skim Coat/Wall Putty

Brief Introduction

Cement and gypsum based skim coats/wall putty are used as the final coating on different substrates and have a thickness of 2-4 mm. It’s a smooth, sand-free, hydraulic material and skim coating on interior and exterior projects are applied in multiple layers.

Improvement of workability and Adhesion strength

• Landercoll® hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC K100) and Landercoll® Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose (HEMC EM100) are used in cement skim coat/wall putty as a thickening and water retention additive.

• It promises the high Consistency control performance and stabilizing of air pores.

• Landercoll® promises high performance and excellent working efficiencies for skim coat layers with adhesion in required.

Improves workability and excellent impact resistance

• Accurate® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (4012N,4025N, and 5011N) are used in Skim coat/wall putty to improve workability, tensile, compression, and flexural strength.

• It offers a number of benefits to skim coat/wall putty application versatility and improves workability

• Accurate® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powders improves transversal deformation and help reduce the formation of cracks caused by shrinkage

Recommendation grade

GradeViscosity (mPa.s)  Brookfield Rv, 2%Documents
Landercoll® HPMC K10045,000-60,000TDS/MSDS
Landercoll® HEMC EM10045,000-60,000TDS/MSDS
GradePolymer BaseDocuments
Accurate ™ VAE RDP 4012NVAc-ETDS/MSDS
Accurate ™ VAE RDP 4025NVAc-ETDS/MSDS
Accurate ™ VAE RDP 5011NVAc-ETDS/MSDS
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