State-in-art equipments

Advanced test instruments

Professional engineers

Strictly executive of international standards before each batch delivery at heart of everything

Quality Control

Production Facilities

Dust-free open refine cotton system ensures all the raw materials transportation in closed tubes,that greatly improve working conditions, prevent environmental pollution and protect employees’ healthy.

The cyclone blending&mixing system which 10,000KG per batch,allows the stability and consistency in properties of molar substitution degree, bulk density and viscosity for each lot of cellulose ether products.

3 Dimensional Vibrating Screens

The advanced gas and solid phase integral equipment reaction technology and uses DCS automatic production and control system.

Executive ISO9001:2015 and ISO14000 ensure the quality guarantee from testing of the raw materials and chemicals to the finished products before delivery for each batch.



LANDU applies DCS automatic control system,we installed semi-product storage silo to ensure that the entire mixing process is safely enclosed, fully comply with International standard, 30 sets of laboratory testing equipment including Brookfield viscometer.Invested $1.5 million to introduce the MVR wastewater treatment process, so that the production of zero discharge of wastewater.

R&D Center​

Landu regards to research and development vital to the life of corporate.We have a strong R&D organization with the capabilities to maximize the benefits of cellulose ethers in your applications.


Raw Material

 Landu has paid great attention to raw material procurement. In the factory. We audit and selected high-quality well-known suppliers to be our raw material suppliers. We check every batch of raw materials and testing different ingredients to insure stable and consistent quality of our products.

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