Why HEMC is the better choice than HPMC?

celluloseether hemc hpmc  2021-04-20 LANDU

Why HEMC is the better choice than HPMC for manufacturing of Cement tile adhesive and Wall putty? HPMC and HEMC have similar functions in building materials. It can be used as dispersant, water retaining agent, thickener and binder, etc. it is mainly usedin the molding of cement mortar and gypsum products. It is used in cementmortar to increase its cohesiveness, workability, reduce flocculation, improve viscosity and shrinkage, and has the functions of water retention, reducingwater loss on concrete surface, improving strength, preventing cracks andwater-soluble salt weathering. It is widely used in cement, plaster, mortar andother materials. It can be used as film-forming agent, thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer in latex coatings and water-solubleres in coatings. It has good wear resistance, uniformity and adhesion, andimproves surface tension, acid-base stability and compatibility with metal pigments. Due to its good viscosity storage stability, it is especially suitable for emulsion coatings as dispersant. In a word, although the amount of the system is small, it has a great effect and is widely used. The gel temperature of cellulose ether determines its thermal stability in application. The gel temperature of HPMC is usually at 60℃-75℃ depending on the type, group content and different production processes of different manufacturers. Due to the characteristics of HEMC group, it has a higher gel temperature, usually above 80℃, so its stability under high temperature is due to HPMC. In practical application, in the hot construction environment in summer, the water holding capacity of HEMC with the same viscosity and dosage is better than that of HPMC. Especially in the south, mortar will sometimes be constructed at high temperature. Cellulose ether with low gel temperature will lose its thickening and water retention at high temperature, thus accelerating the hardening of cement and mortar, and directly affects the construction and cracking resistance. Because there are more hydrophilic groups in the structure of HEMC, it has better hydrophilicity. The water retention rate of HEMC in mortar is slightly higher than that of HPMC at the same dosage of products with the same viscosity. In addition, the vertical flow resistance of HEMC is alsorelatively good. Therefore, the application of HEMC in ceramic tile adhesive and wall putty is be better performances. LANDU offers a wide range counter grades to ensure that for every conceivable situation the right product is available.      
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